Joining together for a good cause: Welcome to The Stiles-Nicholson Foundation, located in Jupiter, Florida!


The first and foremost goal of our non-profit organization is to make a difference in as many people's lives as possible. We strive to improve those lives through educational initiatives; kids only are 25% of our population but represent 100% of our future!  




The most successful nation on the planet owes that success to an enduring dedication to freedom, entrepreneurship and free enterprise. How do we best prepare our students for the real work force? "Reality" is the 4th "R" that is vitally needed in our curricula 





The USA is ranked #28 out of 32 countries in the developed world in science and math. This is at a time when most observers would agree that advancements and innovations require science, technology , engineering and math. To be competitive in our global society, we need to do better with STEM education.

Want to know more about us and our projects? Use our website to read about the work we have done so far and our plans for the future. 

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